HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry
Virginia I
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HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry does not solicit, nor do we accept donations from those that we are endeavoring to serve. We freely give so that others may learn to know Christ. Our ministry staff do not accept salaries from the donations made to HBMM-VA1, nor do any of these donations go to our Home Church.
All funds donated go directly to the expenses of the ministry. These are items such as Bibles for bikers, travel expenses, site fees for events, water, coffee, and other ministry related expenses.
We do accept any contributions that you feel that God has led you to give, after you have given to your home church. We are a Non-Profit organization and your contributions are deductable. Please send contributions to:

HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry
c/o Arlington Assembly of God
4501 N. Pershing Drive
Arlington, Virginia 22203